It remains to be seen how the blog will be used in practice, but as we’re a relatively small (and trustworthy!) group, we thought we’d start by making everyone an Editor and see how this goes. This means that you can: view, edit, publish, and delete any posts/pages, moderate comments, manage categories, manage tags, manage links and upload files/images.

This is a private blog meaning that you have to be invited to view and/or contribute to it. We thought that this was wise in the initial stages so that survey data remains confidential for the time being.

Some pointers for those new to blogging:

  • In the interests of keeping the blog self-managing and navigable, it would be helpful if you ticked (or created) relevant Categories before posting, so that information can be sign-posted and retrieved efficiently. You can always edit the post after publishing if you forget
  • Tags can also be ticked and/or created as necessary for more random content in your posts
  • You might also consider clicking the Follow blog button so you know about new posts
  • To upload documents there is an Upload/Insert icon (an image of a camera and a musical note) above the box where you enter text. You can drag and drop your pdf or your Word doc into the box and it will upload it and create the link automatically

Some of you have already emailed documents that could be uploaded and thoughts that could be copied and pasted into a post – please go ahead and do that to get the ball rolling. You can add some links to the sidebar. Along with links to organisations, I thought it would be a good thing to list partners’ research/personal blogs.

Should you need any help with blogging, please feel free to post your issue – which may be helpful to others – or email Michelle separately if you prefer. Any suggestions about how to make it better would be welcomed and don’t forget to make Comments!

.. now, let’s see what happens …


One thought on “Posting

  1. Great Michelle. Obrigado. Let us see how our FLAG unfurls, hopefully, not only anyway the windblows, but also to the directions we may choose.

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