Re/defining Film Education

Caren kindly transcribed the flip-chart notes from each of our ‘Ideal Model’ breakout groups, now uploaded here.

These along with Wendy’s notes from the day will help in a forthcoming BFI seminar entitled “Re/defining film education”on Friday 13th April.  I’m giving a 5 minute briefing on aspects of our 27 March seminar discussions offering a European perspective. You may remember that one of our recommendations was to establish a one-line film education raison-d’être. Do you have any suggestions for this, that might be included in this presentation?




2 thoughts on “Re/defining Film Education

  1. Dear Michelle, dear all,
    thank you for this upload. I think that those outcomes arised in the group work should be discussed: I had the impression that the work conducted in groups allowed us to reason in a different, slower and more quiet way about defining the model . I just downloaded the document and I’m going to read it during next week.
    In the meantime, nice Easter to everyone!!!!!

  2. On the one-liner… we’ve just talked about it. I think ‘translatability’ is the core thing: film literacy translated across subjects, and settings; across people, personalities, and roles (think of all the roles in film-making; of different tastes and aptitudes film responds to); across platforms (Youtube, nitrate film, video – they all host it); across cultures, and countries; across artforms and literacies.

    But then the other thing, the other core thing that film education helps us do, is to look (and listen) more closely. Film education helps us look more closely at film, but also at the the things that film shows us: different worlds, people, cultures, as well as our own lives, dreams, fears.

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