Distribution of survey findings in 2012

Media Literacy Conference Brussels, November 20124 Sept. Madrid. Encuentro de Cine y Educacion. (Michelle).
Survey was mentioned & likely publication date. Around 180 delegates.

11 Sept. Bournemouth. Media Summit (Mark & Michelle)

16 Oct. Brussels. EC Film Heritage (Caren & Mark)

23 Oct. Amsterdam. Cinekid (Caren & Ian)
Around 25 responsive practitioners and teachers present. They made requests to EC which mirrored our recommendations. Key issues that emerged were:

  • importance of teacher training
  • issues regarding copyright and availability of film clips for educational use
  • software tools and how to share them – bit of a blind alley this one as it was mentioned that use of software should not be prescriptive
  • the possible setting up of a cloud where CYP could post their work. Issues with YouTube suddenly deleting stuff
  • guidance for countries that do not have any national strategy – what might a strategy look like
  • discussion around film/media literacy and their definitions

Media Literacy Conference, Brussels

16 Nov. Barcelona. OETI Conference – European Observatory of Children’s TV (Mark)

16 Nov. Brussels. EC Media Literacy Conference. (Andrew)

24 Nov. Paris. Europa Cinemas (Ian)

7 Dec. Cologne. Visionkino. (Ian)


Cologne Presentation



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