New regional report on film education in Yorkshire

Here’s a link to a new report about film education initiatives in Yorkshire and the Humber, UK across sectors in the north of England, co-ordinated by CapeUK.

Pockets of Excellence

Report authors:

Sarah Mumford – Director of Development, CapeUK
Dr. Becky Parry – Lecturer in Childhood Studies, University of Leeds
Geraldine Walker – Education Director, Reel Solutions

Are there any more we should know about in Europe?


Full Screening Literacy Report & Derry-Londonderry photos

Hello all

Here’s a link to the full report on the BFI website with Country Profiles and Case Studies:

and a new look for the blog.

Photos of the seminar in Derry-Londonderry, City of Culture, June 2013:

Derry-Londonderry – 10 things I learned

Just reflecting on the last two days, this is some of what I learned:

  • It’s the most hospitable city, and the Nerve Centre the most hospitable venue.  So much of the success of the event was down to City of Culture help, Nerve Centre technical, catering, logistics.  But more than that..
  • …having an international film education seminar in Northern Ireland is the most appropriate setting …
  • …because the Centre is often at the Margins (Derrida might have said this, but didn’t; my partner did, and does, often).  Think about it; it works both ways..
  • And integrating your film education strategy across sectors reaps (triple) rewards
  • Even on one hour’s sleep, Mark Cousins burns for film with an illuminating passion – maybe it’s the lack of sleep that does it!
  • Trust children to speak their minds, their hearts, their fears, their dreams – so we can learn from them (the Dear George Melies story)
  • The artist’s mother can tell you more than anyone where and how the artist was made
  • Mobile cinemas – much bigger on the inside
  • let’s not be afraid of high-minded experiences for children (thank you Noreen)
  • The count to 10 game (thank you Maria; maybe you can explain it in a Comment below)

Add to this, if you learned anything, below in Comments, or new posts