Derry-Londonderry – 10 things I learned

Just reflecting on the last two days, this is some of what I learned:

  • It’s the most hospitable city, and the Nerve Centre the most hospitable venue.  So much of the success of the event was down to City of Culture help, Nerve Centre technical, catering, logistics.  But more than that..
  • …having an international film education seminar in Northern Ireland is the most appropriate setting …
  • …because the Centre is often at the Margins (Derrida might have said this, but didn’t; my partner did, and does, often).  Think about it; it works both ways..
  • And integrating your film education strategy across sectors reaps (triple) rewards
  • Even on one hour’s sleep, Mark Cousins burns for film with an illuminating passion – maybe it’s the lack of sleep that does it!
  • Trust children to speak their minds, their hearts, their fears, their dreams – so we can learn from them (the Dear George Melies story)
  • The artist’s mother can tell you more than anyone where and how the artist was made
  • Mobile cinemas – much bigger on the inside
  • let’s not be afraid of high-minded experiences for children (thank you Noreen)
  • The count to 10 game (thank you Maria; maybe you can explain it in a Comment below)

Add to this, if you learned anything, below in Comments, or new posts


4 thoughts on “Derry-Londonderry – 10 things I learned

  1. Here’s some things I learnt in Derry:

    That there are at least 10 films about children I should urgently seek out (thank you, Mark Cousins!);

    That investment in CPD for teachers and a collaborative approach really pays off in terms of subject viability, professionalism and take-up as we saw with A Wider Literacy;

    (Oh, and that some bars in Derry stay open very late even on Monday..)

    Thank you all!

  2. I came back in France with a lot of energy. Thank you very much for your welcoming.
    I learned that “kindness ” is very important. The way the teacher spoke to the children in the cinemobile truck is an example !!
    I was very interested in afterschool film club as well.

  3. What I learned:

    -Towns who carry a strong story do not necessarily show this. We are deceived before arriving, with our goggle based knowledge and naivety. We would need time to discover it. I wish I had it.

    -Some answers on the above will occur for us if London Derry High Scools/ and NI Screen give a media project to teenagers: ” what would you like to show to other young people from your town , choose something that is very dear to you.”
    We are doing a similar project so they could see Greek teenagers’ local and at the same time international, issues.

    -To Mark: Anοther philosopher said that “what we know is inside the circle and what we don’ t know is on he perimeter. But as we learn more and the circle grows, so does its perimeter! Thanks for the 53 excerpts Mark C. but now we have to find and see those we did’ t know!

    -To Mark (2) “Counting to ten”- (stolen from theatre pedagogues , ideal for a group that need to come to terms with listening – sensing- understanding – each other . HOW: In a circle we try to randomly count up to the number of the people in the group. One by one , without looking at each other, without interrupting, only by feeling the silence of the group.

  4. Things I’ve learned:
    – Every film is different, even if all of them are about children.
    – Every film is necessary, at least from the author point of view, which bring us to some impossible universal choices… still, to choose is important.
    – Every memory is important to preserve, even ig we’ll not be able to remember them all.
    – Every pub is different, but in Derry they are all nice.

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