Film Ed framework – holistic view

At the end of the seminar in Berlin, it was felt that many of the ideas and discussion topics could be re-assembled in a less linear way and represented graphically. The following isn’t meant to be the final word on how film education should look, but it may spur some possibility thinking and help us to identify relationships between its many dimensions. Dotted lines indicate how many of these perceived divisions are interdependent and perhaps should inform each other.

A version of this graphic could also help organise/generate working group activities. The first is a simple version, the other a bit busier; both are up for debate, comments and no doubt more explanation. For example, I add Documentary along side Art / Popular / World, but from memory, this wasn’t discussed at the meeting. Should it take its place as a separate dimension? I think it’s important to include non-fiction, just as we do with print literacy. I also suggest some meta-contextual elements as I think more attention should be given to the settings and contexts in which film is made and consumed… over to you…

film ed graphic.001

Possible dimensions of film education 1: post-Berlin January 2014 seminar
M. Cannon

film ed graphic.002

Possible dimensions of film education 2: post-Berlin January 2014 seminar
M. Cannon