cinema experience

The critical group was discussing what is essential for a film education: is it providing knowledge about film to young audiences and their adults? If yes, what is knowledge about film? Perhaps knowledge on its structure – narrative, language.

But no, we’ve decided that such knowledge might be a tool for something more important: experiencing cinema. This is the essence of film educational work: how to raise a sensitivity for film and make cinema experience growing (constantly, without an end).

It should start with experiencing cinema in cinemas and should continue with finding a way of translating our thoughts about the film into words – or other ways of expression. In this perspective knowledge of film vocabulary becomes useful.

In the process of “translation”, or expression, our cinema experience obviously changes.

Methods are important: rather than systematic teaching, adjusting to children’s response is more valuable.  It raises dynamics of teaching and allows children to explore and become and stay more curious.

Very good discussion. Rarely experienced, inspiring.




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