What do we want Film Literacy to be?

It is an extraordinary experience to find together with people from 20 country in a room, you get in touch with different points of view, ways of thinking, experiences. I always get out of those meetings, from one side, with the sensation of being at the core of something bigger and, on the other hand, I feel constantly put into discussion, pushed to get better.

It’s a big challenge to put together a framework that could be used by Film Literacy providers Europe-wide. All of us struggle since a long time to legitimate Film Literacy in their own country, to spread it through people, schools, young public, adults, to raise awareness about it. All this is an extremely precious professional heritage of very qualified people sometimes working in hard conditions.

I see this project as the first step onto a full acknowledgment of Film Literacy in Europe, in order to let it be recognized as an essential part of European film sector and European public life.


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