Framework for film education in Europe pdf

Film Education Framework brochure 2015

Initial Screening Literacy Report (2013) can be found here:


Bernard McCloskey’s presentation – A Wider literacy

Bernard from Northern Ireland Screen has sent in his presentation from our research seminar last week.

National Cinema Education Plan for Portugal

Presenting at the Second Congress on Media Literacy and Citizenship, I was on a panel with Graca Lobo, who is overseeing the piloting of a National Cinema Education Plan for Portugal.  Graca led Portugal’s only formal film educaton programme, in the Algarve region  program JCE  – Juventude – Cinema – Escola, and the National Cinema Plan is a proposed extension of this to cover the whole country.

Graca’s presentation covered significant areas of common interest to Screening Literacy, especially in similarity to our ‘strong model of film education‘.

  • It engages with the lack of training for teachers, and has trained teachers from 300 schools already
  • their training is accredited by the National Council for Teacher Training
  • they are creating a film catalogue of recommended films: films you should see before you leave shool
  • they work in the tradition of arts education, not vocational training.  Film education is for everyone, not just would-be directors and other industry professionals
  • they commit to cinema-going as  ‘civic act’: taking children into cultural spaces, outside of school.  A majority of the 3000 children in their initial 50 pilots schools had never been to the cinema..

The updating of the Portuguese picture reminds me of the problem of research surveys: like a snapshot of a moving train, your research subject has already moved on.  Thank goodness!

Re/defining Film Education

Caren kindly transcribed the flip-chart notes from each of our ‘Ideal Model’ breakout groups, now uploaded here.

These along with Wendy’s notes from the day will help in a forthcoming BFI seminar entitled “Re/defining film education”on Friday 13th April.  I’m giving a 5 minute briefing on aspects of our 27 March seminar discussions offering a European perspective. You may remember that one of our recommendations was to establish a one-line film education raison-d’être. Do you have any suggestions for this, that might be included in this presentation?